New set images of ‘Hawkeye’ show Kate Bishop’s full costume with weapons

A new set image from Hawkeye offers a clear look at Kate Bishop’s (Hailee Steinfeld) own bow in the upcoming Disney+ series. Production for the series starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton is in full swing, and with that, the string of photos have surfaced online.

Another noteworthy takeaway from this picture is that Hailee Steinfeld is all decked up in purple and has a quiver so, based on this photo, we think it’s safe to assume that she’s making some progress on becoming the next Hawkeye.

In addition to the recent photo, set photos from the MCU’s upcoming Hawkeye series show Hailee Steinfeld in full costume as Kate Bishop, brandishing her signature bow and arrows. The bow itself has a simple, elegant design, and the purple bodysuit stays true to Bishop’s traditional comic book attire. Overall, Bishop’s live-action look bodes well given the aesthetic and more attention to detail of Bishop’s character as a whole has been given.

The Disney+ show is currently filming. Original Marvel streaming series are a cornerstone of the MCU’s Phase Four. WandaVision recently kicked off the latest wave of content, and other shows like Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier air later this year.

The series appears to be taking major influence from the classic Marvel Comics series from artist David Aja, writer Matt Fraction, and colour artist Matt Hollingsworth, judging by the set photos that have been shared.

While Steinfeld’s role as Kate Bishop has been widely celebrated by fans, Jeremy Renner’s leading role as the eponymous Hawkeye is a bit more complicated. In 2019, a fan movement called for Hawkeye to be recast. Disney reportedly considered recasting the role but ultimately decided to keep Renner long-term.

Steinfeld attempted to deny her involvement in the series after being rumored for months. When asked point-blank, she danced around the question and even cast doubt on the possibility of joining the MCU.

Steinfeld said, “That’s not something that’s necessarily happening. We’re going to wait and find out, I guess.” Of course, now we know that’s not true as she’s been hard at work on the series for the last couple of months.

Plot details for Hawkeye are still scant at the moment which is interesting considering the many set images and videos that have made their way online. Hawkeye is set for an unspecified release date in late 2021 on Disney+. Story details have yet to be fully revealed, though it’s likely the show will see Hawkeye pass the mantle of main MCU archer to Kate Bishop, a move that could put Steinfeld in a larger role in the future.

Phase Four looks to be changing the guard in several respects, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also deals with Captain America’s legacy through Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes’ point of view. At the very least, Hawkeye should deliver a more traditional MCU story than what’s been seen so far on WandaVision. In any case, it’s impressive that amidst the ongoing global pandemic, Hawkeye’s filming is going on smoothly, especially since they appear to be doing a lot of filming outside a sound stage where it’s more difficult to control the environment.