National Award winning lyricist Swanand Kirkire pens for ‘Krishna aur Kans”

Swanand Kirkire, well known lyricist and multiple national Awards winner has penned the songs for  “Krishna aur Kans” directed by Vikram Veturi and produced by Reliance Animation with Reliance Animation Ashish SK as the Executive Producer of the film. The film will be globally distributed by Reliance Entertainment. The music of the film is one of its greatest USPs. With 7 amazing songs and a spectacular background score Shantanu Moitra as the music director and Swanand Kirkire the lyricist of the film have truly recreated the charm of Krishna’s era.  Swanand spoke a bit about his work in the movie. It’s always fun to write for kids it’s never a difficult or easy but its only fun. You can use many different words in it as kids never listen to a poetry nor they gonna know the depth of the song. They just want nice words, which will make them enjoy the song whenever they listen to it and through that only they come to know about these mythological stories and about our heritage. I love all the songs. But the songs I like most out of them are ‘Din ye kaha se aya re… Din ye kaha ko jaye re’, ‘Nayi rate naye din, and ‘Nuked vale mama ki much mundvaye’. I keep on doing lot of work with Shantanu. It’s a very comfortable space for both of us and we love each other’s works. For “Krishna aur Kans” this was the first time that we were working on an animation feature, so we had lot fun experimenting with the music here. It’s a beautiful movie. It is based on Krishna as a kid till he was 10 years old. I think it’s a great family entertainer that kids their parents and grandparents everyone can watch and enjoy together. It will give happiness and positive feeling to everyone. The animation quality is by far the best that we have seen for any Indian movie. Though it showcases Indian heritage and culture, the point of view of the movie is very modern and everyone will enjoy the visual magic of Krishna in action. And when we made the songs we kept in mind that the kids, the younger generation and the adults – everyone must enjoy it. The music should touch everyone’s hearts.  It shouldn’t hurt anybody’s religious sentiments but should be enjoyed by all.