Sessions galore; Unity successfully concludes its first edition of Unite India

Amid much fanfare, Unity concluded its first ever edition of Unite India. After a first day packed with sessions and workshops, the second day commenced alongside NGDC’s opening. The expo stage clearly had more buzz around it than yesterday and a lot of new faces had shown up! A presentation by Gnation, which has recently collaborated with Unity focused on blockchain and how it can be implemented. The company is attempting to create an ecosystem including  publishing platform for developers, an esports venture and much more, all connected by the string of blockchain. Roosh Interactive’ Srinivasan Veeraghavan took to the stage to talk about his studio’s title Zombie Bloxx. Demonstrating how the game was built on Unity with special focus on how to build large scale VFX for similar games. Gazecoin had an interesting session as well. Even though a lot of attendees missed out on the session, it turned out to be quite interesting. The company aims at bringing correct track of monetisation for VR and AR content in place with the assistance of blockchain. It has designed something which has been named, “The Wormhole Transport System” (WTS). This will apparently let you use your gazecoins or those specific blockchain credits to be transferred to other platforms for use. It has partnered with Advir and is trying to create a ‘de-centralised community’. The company is currently valued at only $8 million but has big plans in place for the near future. MetARVRse Technologies’ Thirukumaran Saravanan spoke on the backdrop of ‘Holographic Asset Management’. He mentioned the current shortcomings in the process, for example sensory overload, explosion of machine data and more. It has been trying its holographic controls through hololens till now which limits the touchability, however it is looking towards VR to make it easier. Concluding the first ever Unite India was a session curated by the folks from Unity Technologies. What can be called an informal closing ceremony, the crew wanted feedback from the attendees as what they want to see in the next edition and what they liked in this one. The attendees responded asking for more cinematic demos in the next edition and more practical session rather than theoretical ones. Someone even said the food was amazing, he was not wrong to be fair, however. Other suggestions included more sessions for new comers to Unity, but the most requested agenda was to have more workshops promising practical experiences. With this, time came for curtain call and pretty much everyone thanked the crew for the exciting two-day event with an applause, hoping for a bigger and better next edition of Unite India.