MIPCOM 2017:Hoho joins hands with WOW DADI Rights for its pre-school format in the Chinese market

From left WOW DADI’s Jiayi Yang and Rui Zhang with Hoho Entertainment’s Helen Howells and Oliver Ellis
Chinese animation market reached a new height at MIPCOM 2017. Hoho entertainment which is well known for being a kids content producer and distributor has signed a deal with WOW DADI Rights. Hoho will launch  one of its pre school formats in the Chinese market.Chinese animation market has been growing a lot since 2015 with improving quality of works, film animation and new media animation have become hot spots,online comics are growing fast,investment and financing market is active. Pre school format is indeed in demand here currently. These are the new changes that will be seen in the deal.
  1. Hoho’s Cloudbabies series’season one will be merchandised and distributed by DADI distribution in mainland China.
  2. There will be a co-production between Hoho and WOW DADI in season 2.
Helen Howells who is the Hoho joint managing director said, “ We have been able to secure a true partnership deal with a Chinese company that appreciates the potential  of our Cloudbabies IP in this important market. We are looking forward to working with Rui Zhang and his team and hope that this will be a long and fruitful partnership.” Cloudbabies is a fantastical pre school series telling the story of four friends who protect the sun, the moon, the clouds and the stars.