VR painting and animation app ‘Quill’ to leave Facebook

The VR painting and animation app Quill will not be available on Facebook’s Oculus Store from 18 October. The application has returned to its original roots as its founder Inigo Quilez and his company Smoothstep will now own its latest version.

As mentioned on their Facebook page, once ‘Quill by Smoothstep’ will be released on 18 October, the old version will be removed from the Oculus Store. It will not be supported or updated by Oculus. 

However, the creators who have their accounts will be able to continue using the app but they will not be able to upload their work directly on Oculus Media Studio. However, they can manually put up their work on Oculus Media Studio. 

Quill-generated content uploaded through Quill will continue to be available at Oculus Media Studio.The Quill Theater application’s will be there on Oculus Quest and Quest 2, but it will be rebranded as VR Animation Player on the day Quill leaves the Facebook owned platform.

There are many updated features on Quill by Smoothstep version 2.9. Further details about the application is available at their website: quill.art.

Quilez created the first version of Quill as a scrappy internal tool during a 48-hour hackathon in October 2015. It later grew into a widely used app. It is a VR illustration tool that allows users to paint in virtual reality on an infinitely scalable canvas with rich color, tools and different brushes.