This Children’s Day, gift the joy of learning with 10 new audiobooks on Audible

To make this year’s Children’s day special with moments of joyful learning, Audible, a leading producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment, has brought 10 audiobooks for kids.

Experts believe that listening to audiobooks helps develop cognitive skills of children and can improve their ability to learn and concentrate. Audiobooks help in boosting academic learning among children, as well as help improve speech and articulation. Children have the opportunity to listen to intricate speech patterns, which teaches them about voice and expression. Listening to audiobooks is also a productive activity for parents to bond with their children and impart cultural knowledge. 

To avail and listen to the library of audiobooks, users can checkout Audible Stories, a free web-based service launched by Audible earlier this year, which houses a selection of hand-picked books to keep children and teens occupied through these unprecedented times of social distancing and self isolation. They’ll just need to visit or, choose a title and start listening! 

Additionally, Audible is running a special sale from 12 to 14 November for children’s titles available at only Rs. 29. Below is a list of exciting suggestions to enjoy with your kids to celebrate Children’s Day!  

Recommended for kids aged zero to seven years: 

> Peppa Pig Bedtime Stories: Brought to you by Ladybird, a collection of 10 newly recorded audio stories based on Peppa Pig, the hit TV show! The downloadable audiobook edition of Peppa Pig: Bedtime Stories includes dialogue, songs and sound effects from the show. 

> The Lion and the Mouse (Karadi Tales): This story, narrated brilliantly by Karthik Kumar, will show you a mighty lion realising that even the littlest of friends are worth having. One can even download the audiobook from Audible.

> Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series of fiction books written by the American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney. It’s a fun-filled story about a middle-school weakling named Greg Heffley’s daily adventures. 

> The Jungle Book I & II: The well known tales of Mowgli, the boy raised by animals in the exotic jungles of India, will surely delight listeners of all ages. These classic stories brim with adventure and thrills as the lively characters fend off ferocious tigers and deadly snakes, slip through the jungle to watch elephants dance, and seek refuge from dangerous hunters. 

> The Blue Umbrella and other stories by Ruskin Bond: The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond, weaves a beautiful story of an ordinary village girl Binya and her love for the blue umbrella. 

Recommended for kids aged seven and above :

> 51 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World: Learn about 51 fascinating stories of inventions that we now cannot live without – from high heels to tea bags, pencils to X-rays, each story is an amazing mix of luck and a whole lot of perseverance and hard work. 

> Panchatantra Stories: The oldest surviving collection of Indian fables, the Panchatantra, was probably written around 200 BC by the great Hindu scholar Pandit Vishnu Sharman. The Panchatantra is a book of niti (values), the wise conduct of life, written in a chain of simple stories. Each of these stories has a moral and philosophical theme aiming to guide the listener on attaining success in life by understanding human nature. These tales have stood the test of time and are pertinent even in modern times. 

> The best of Akbar and Birbal: The stories of Akbar and Birbal are very popular among children and adults and form an indispensable part of the Indian folklore. The stories will highlight Birbal who was a minister in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, famous for his sharp intellect and a keen sense of humour. 

> The Vedas and Upanishads for Kids: Three thousand years ago, deep inside the forests of India, a great ‘thought revolution’ was brewing. In those forest labs, the brightest scientist-philosophers contemplated the universe and reflected upon the already-ancient texts called the Vedas, gaining some startling insights into questions that we still have no watertight answers to. This joyful, fun guide to some of India’s most enduring and secular wisdom is reinterpreted for first-time explorers by author Roopa Pai, which is guaranteed to keep you listening. Some other books by Roopa are The Gita for Children, Ready! and more.

> Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: One hundred and fifty years after its original publication, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland remains one of the most widely read, deconstructed, referenced, and reinterpreted works of Western fiction. It tells the story of the young and imaginative Alice, who grows weary of her storybook, one “without pictures or conversations”, and follows a hasty hare underground – to come face to face with a host of strange and fantastic characters. 

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