Netflix Festival Japan 2021: OTT giant lists anime and live action content

Netflix announced their latest lineup of anime, live-action series and guest interactions for ‘Netflix Festival Japan 2021’ streaming globally from 9 to 10 November on the Netflix Japan and Netflix Anime YouTube Channels. This two-day event will also feature distinguished leading Japanese actors and voice actors, as well as a wide array of creators from in and outside of Japan who work on Netflix titles. 

In the six years since Netflix became available in Japan, Netflix has streamed a wide array of titles to domestic audiences.

“We have bolstered our lineup including international live action titles like Stranger Things, Money Heist, and Crash Landing on You, Japanese live-action titles such as The Naked Director and Alice in Borderland that drew attention both in locally and overseas, and anime titles from various genres, including DEVILMAN crybaby, Baki, and Rilakkuma and Kaoru. This two-day event will introduce fans to a wide genre of upcoming titles,  star-studded titles from all across the world, Japanese live-action and anime titles, films, series, unscripted shows, documentaries and more,” Netflix said in an official statement.

The event highlights include:

‘Anime Day’- 9 November, Tuesday

Netflix will introduce titles released between October and December 2021, just in time for the holiday season. Fans tuning in will be the first to see new series, art, and trailers.During the event, viewers will also be joined by creators and industry partners behind all of the magic. 

The titles include:

  • The Way of the Househusband (Part three, Release date: 7 October)
  • Super Crooks (Release date: 25 November)
  • Aggretsuko (Season four: Coming in December)
  • ULTRAMAN  (Season two: Coming in 2022)
  • Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045  (Season two: Coming in 2022)
  • Record of Ragnarok (Season one, streaming now)
  • Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Rilakkuma and Kaoru streaming now)
  • Spriggan (Coming in 2022)
  • Thermae Romae Novae (Coming in 2022)
  • Drifting Home (Coming in 2022) and more.

Live Action Day- 10 November, Wednesday

Fans will be introduced to upcoming Netlflix films We Couldn’t Become Adults (which starts streaming November 2021) and Asakusa Kid (premiering on 9 December), as well as  titles set for release in 2022, including the Netflix series The Journalist, Fishbowl Wives, He’s Expecting, and First Love, and the Netflix film Love Like the Falling Petals

In the genre of non-fiction series, Netflix will introduce Love is Blind: Japan, the Japanese version of the global hit reality show, as well as Flip a Coin-ONE OK ROCK Documentary, which takes a closer look at the excitement of ONE OK ROCK concert. Best-in-class Directors and talents of the upcoming titles will also appear for talk sessions. 

International stars including Dwayne Johnson from the much anticipated action blockbuster Red Notice, director Rawson Marshall Thurber, Halle Berry, who makes her directorial debut with Bruised, Lily Collins from Emily in Paris, Song Kang from Nevertheless, Matthias Schweighöfer from Army of Thieves, and Asa Butterfield from Sex Education will make appearances through special clips.

During this festival, Netflix will also release a video which features upcoming live-action slate, including exclusive clips. 

International live action titles:

  • Red Notice (Release date: 12 November)
  • Bruised (Release date: 24 November)
  • Army of Thieves (Release date: 12 October)
  • Emily in Paris (Season two, release date: 22 December)
  • Sex Education (Season three, streaming now)
  • Nevertheless (Streaming now) and more.

The list of Guests from the Japan live-action title talk session includes:

  • We Couldn’t Become Adults– Mirai Moriyama/Director Yoshihiro Mori
  • Asakusa Kid– Yo Oizumi/Yuya Yanagi/Director Gekidan Hitori
  • The Journalist– Ryoko Yonekura/Director Michihito Fujii
  • Fishbowl Wives – Ryoko Shinohara/Director Michiko Namiki