VFX Mobile App NARR8 to Release Four New Educational Series -

Mobile App NARR8 to Release Four New Educational Series

Creative Content Channel Embraces Episodic Learning, Announces New Educational Nonfiction Series

NARR8, digital publisher of motion comics, interactive novels and nonfiction series, announced today the release of four new educational nonfiction series: Alma Mater, Micro, Biographics and Eureka, to their mobile platform.

NARR8’s new interactive nonfiction series Alma Mater, Micro, Biographics and Eureka unlock real life wonders such as Martin Luther King’s struggle for freedom, the evolution of the printing press and more, delivering up educational content in short interactive clips. Following the trend of Episodic Learning, each series is laid out in 5-20 minute segments, bringing lessons to life with fluid animation, full music soundtracks, HD and gamification effects and interactive features that assist in quick, intensive learning.

‘We’re very excited to expand on our educational offering within NARR8. We originally began our Nonfiction Series with Paradigm and Chronographics — both being some of our most popular books, hitting 300,000 downloads since launch. This is all part of NARR8’s expansion to provide diverse types of content for our readers,’ said Founder & President Alexandr Vashchenko.

The four Nonfiction Series:

  • Biographics: A series about pioneers, innovators, key figures throughout history. Each episode will feature historical figures such as Charles Darwin and the origin of species; Carl Marx and class struggle; Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis; Henry Ford and the conveyor belt; Martin Luther King, Jr. and the struggle for equality. Press Kit:http://ftp.narr8.me/pub/ENG/16-BIOGRAPHICS/
  • Micro: A series of short episodes that examine ‘how and what gives brevity equals clarity.’ Each episode will examine questions like the origins of alphabet and the physiology of brain, common misconceptions and misconceived notions. Press Kit:http://ftp.narr8.me/pub/ENG/19-MICRO/
  • Eureka: A series that tells the story preceding the inventions that have shaped the world as we know it. Inventions are that which we ride in, that inside which we live and that which we take orally to combat an illness. Inventions can also be intangible: you can’t patent literacy and government, but it doesn’t take a patent to reshape the world. Press Kit: http://ftp.narr8.me/pub/ENG/18-EURICA/
  • Alma Mater: A series that will take the reader on an unprecedented journey. This series brings to life the enthralling story of human curiosity and ingenuity. Each episode will marvel at nature’s mysteries — and at people who solved them. Press Kit:http://ftp.narr8.me/pub/ENG/17-ALMA%20MATER/

NARR8 is known primarily for their motion comics and interactive novels, which have peaked in popularity since their Nov. 2012 launch. With over 800,000 users and counting, NARR8 was ranked ‘No. 1 Free Entertainment App’ in the Apple App Store and awarded a 4.5 of 5 stars on Google Play. With a recent launch on Amazon App Store in June, NARR8 is now available on iPad, iPad Mini, Android devices 4.0 and higher and Amazon Kindle Fire. NARR8 is also available for free download in four different languages (English, Russian, Spanish, and Korean) in more than a dozen countries, and its content offering is constantly expanding with new motion comics, interactive novels and educational nonfiction series.

NARR8 is free to download on Amazon Appstore, for iPad through the Apple App Store and on Google Play.