‘X-Men’ artist Pepe Larraz partners with Mark Millar for new crossover series ‘Big Game’

X-Men artist Pepe Larraz is joining writer Mark Millar for a new crossover series titled Big Game, as first reported by CBR.

Millar and Larraz are teaming up for Big Game, a new crossover series from Millarworld, Millar’s personal division at Netflix. While details are limited at this time, Millarworld said Big Game is “rumored to be a crossover between many if not all of the Millarworld franchises.” The series will launch in the spring of 2023.

“Since I started thinking about drawing American comic books, I have always wanted to work with Mark Millar,” Larraz said of working on Big Game. “Who wouldn’t? But what I could never have expected is to work on something that interlocks and pulls together so many series Mark has written. This is a huge privilege for me and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Millarworld also announced a new Nemesis series launching in 2023 from Millar and Batman artist Jorge Jiménez. Millar said on working with both Larraz and Jiménez on these new projects, “I’m in love with these guys and have been sending them fan mail for years. Jorge I think is the best Batman artist of this century and Pepe is, in my opinion, the greatest X-Men artist of all time. If you’re going to steal, steal big so I went for Marvel’s biggest player and DC’s top dog. Having them over here at Netflix with us is an absolute treat. They’re both deep in their respective projects and we’ll be releasing some of the art as previews in the back of our current Magic Order and Prodigy series.”

Larraz started working for Marvel Comics over a decade ago and has been involved with numerous titles since then, including 2012’s The Mighty Thor, 2015’s Kanan – The Last Padawan, the ‘No Surrender’ Avengers storyline from 2018 and many others. Having worked on a number of X-Men titles over the years, Larraz did the art for 2019’s House of X before he joined the main X-Men series in 2021.

Millarworld was first founded in 2004 by Millar. The creator-owned company is known for working on series such as Wanted, Kick-Ass, War Heroes, Jupiter’s Legacy and more. Most recently, Millarworld has launched a new Prodigy: The Icarus Society series, which features art by Matteo Bufagni and is published by Image Comics. Other recent entries include titles such as The Magic Order and King of Spies.