Third season of ‘Semantic Error’ to release in September this year

The third season of the popular webcomic Semantic Error, which inspired the live-action K-Drama, will debut on 8 September. The first 56 episodes of Semantic Error can now be binge-watched on the webcomics subscription service Manta, which is also accessible as an app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The webcomic Semantic Error, now available in English, was created by J. Soori and Angy and follows two young men named Sangwoo Choo and Jaeyoung Jang who study at a Korean university. They are complete opposites: one is outgoing and popular, the other is more bookish and a little outsider. They continue to mix like oil and water while working on a school project, but there is so much more to their relationship than meets the eye. Jaeyoung, who approaches life the way he approaches the computer science he studies, is constantly seeking a clean solution, and his feelings for Sangwoo feel like an error. However, as they become closer, their relationship undergoes dramatic changes.

In March 2021, Semantic Error made its debut, and since then, its popularity has only increased. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the campus love story since the second season ended back in April 2022. 

When a drama adaptation of Semantic Error, which can be seen on Viki in the US and internationally, was released in February 2022, it attracted more attention from the general public. The programme was a huge hit both at home and abroad, and it was even screened at the 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), where it was well-received.