#SpecialFeature: Here are 7 endearing friendships from the world of animation

Apart from brewing romances, fun characters, stunning visuals, and memorable songs, animated content is also adored for depicting onscreen relationships that are forever etched in our memories. Be it a group of young boys, best friendship between two teenage girls, or the close connection between the main lead and their sidekick, there are so many iconic names that flash in front of us as we mention the beautiful bond of friendship. 

Since Friendship Day is around the corner, we thought of enlisting some of the most heart-warming friendships that the animation world has seen. Pairs from the good old classics that we all love or some rare duos, these bonds will surely make you miss your friends.

So, let us check out the most epic friendships from some of our favourite animated films.

1) Gus and Jaq

Gus and Jaq are the two mice from the 1950 film Cinderella. The two characters continued to entertain the audiences in all the sequels and the live-action remakes as well. Jaq, a male mouse, shares the quirkiest bond with his friend Gus, another male mouse. The duo always teams up together in both good things and bad and are always creating havoc. 

Often referred to as the leading mice from Cinderella, Jaq is the more dominant half of the duo. He assists Gus in understanding and adjusting to the world around him as they both help out Cinderella. The cute pair care about and get excited for the same things. It is also fun to watch them together. 

2) Lumiere and Cogsworth

If you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, you know which dynamic duo we are talking about. In the film, Lumiere and Cogsworth got transformed from servants into household objects; Lumiere became a candle with multiple arms and Cogsworth turned into a pendulum clock. Both the characters gel well like no other and their little banter every now and then is an excellent depiction of the fact that healthy disagreements between friends is quite normal. While Lumiere is always getting on the nerves of Cogsworth, they are there for each other in crucial moments.

You will also always find them indulging in constant debates where both try to win the argument. The cautious Cogsworth and the flamboyant Lumiere together give many laugh-worthy moments. From working towards a common goal to presenting arguments in support of each other and always being there, the friendship they share is unique and special.

3) Timon and Pumbaa

While Timon and Pumbaa are best known for their starring roles in The Lion King, the pair also happened to receive their own 1994 TV show of the same name. Out of the two characters, Pumbaa is the happy-go-lucky one and Timon is his intelligent counterpart. Despite having explicit personality differences, their problem-free philosophy is what brings them close. Undoubtedly, the lovable, laughable duo is best friend goals. Timon and Pumbaa put their differences aside and make peace with each other in the end, always.

From the historic ‘hakuna matata’ dialogue that means leaving the past behind you to forgiving and forgetting, Timon and Pumbaa are endearing little creatures you will not get enough of. Having each other seems to give them the motivation to keep going or embrace their personalities in all realms of their life, even outside of their relationship with one another. Devoted to their friendship, they are perfect examples of friends sticking together till the end.

4) Tiana and Charlotte

Taking you on a nostalgic ride through all the beautiful films we’ve grown up watching, how can we leave The Princess and the Frog behind. Tiana and Charlotte are the leading ladies from the well-loved Disney film who set great examples of friendship. The two hail from two completely different worlds. While Tiana is quite ambitious and a go-getter when it comes to work and all that she wants from life, Charlotte is blessed with everything already ready and handed to her.

Despite different backgrounds, the two girls bond really well and never leave each other’s sides. Whether it is watching Tiana comforting Charlotte when she is doubtful whether her prince will come or not or Charlotte jumping with joy for Tiana’s growing bond with her prince, the duo share a sweet friendship. Two girls cheering for each other while wiping each other’s tears off is what this dreamy film takes us through.

5) Pocahontas and Nakoma

Moving slightly away from the popular names, next, we have Pocahontas and Nakoma, whose bond of friendship is underrated yet awesome. Like we said, it is always heart-warming to see girls bond over everything and these two have been best friends since childhood. They are real with each other, have fun together, and despite having different viewpoints at times, always have each other’s back.

Pocahontas is one of the very few Disney princesses who has a female best friend. They gossip about men, hang out together, hear each other out, and stick around like sisters. Their unbreakable sister-like bond is endearing and it would be great to have more such onscreen examples. Out of the two, Nakoma is more level-headed and reasonable, who tries to keep Pocahontas from doing anything too insane. But she’s also loyal, and tries to trust her friend’s judgment, even when she is a bit unsure.

6) Copper and Tod

How often do you stumble upon a fox and a dog who are best friends? The 1981 film, The Fox and the Hound, revolves around an orphaned red fox named Tod who befriends a young puppy, Copper. The two grow very fond of one another, despite their natural born differences, although their human owners Slade and Tweed do not share the same friendliness. There is always something adorable about seeing animals loving each other with all their heart, isn’t it?

Copper and Tod’s friendship is as sweet as any other onscreen relation can ever get. Even when nature’s external forces try to pull them apart, they fight against all odds to come back together because they care about each other. Their bond is beautiful and defying all odds, the two have shown that yes, dogs and foxes can be friends forever.

7) Baloo and Bagheera

Our list would be incomplete without including our very own Baloo and Bagheera from 1967’s The Jungle Book. Baloo is a bear and Bagheera is a panther and the odd combination of creatures end up creating the most beautiful bond of friendship. They love to hang out with each other, appreciate each other’s qualities and always manage to find some common ground despite the differences.

The fast and steady Bagheera is as proper and responsible as Baloo is laid-back and sloppy. Their attitudes often stirred clashes between the two and they’d also engage in arguments because of the difference in temperaments. However, they always got back together; just how friends are supposed to. Just like real friends, it is endearing to watch them outweigh the dissimilarities and become pals again.

~ Happy Friendship Day!