Marvel’s Ghost Rider/Sorcerer Supreme features in all new Infinity Comic

The Apache woman Kushala, one of marvel’s Ghost Riders and a Sorcerer Supreme will be the center of attraction in the new Infinity Comics. Kushala traveled the world seeking out and studying different forms of magic in an attempt to understand her curse and was possessed by a Spirit of  Vengeance ,now will be the new target.

Kushala likely lived during the 1870’s given that the U.S. flag carried by the army soldiers attacking her tribe was used in 1877. Additionally, the Apache suffered several attacks/massacres at the hands of the U.S. military during the 1870’s. The Sorcerer Supreme of the 1800s – was recruited by Doctor Strange to help Johnny Blaze vanquish his demons.

Due to her possession by the Spirit of Vengeance and her training in the mystic arts, Kushala has several powers including demonic transformation, magic and riding the spirit.

Marvel has announced Ghost Rider: Kushala as the latest entry in its line of Infinity Comics. This new comic has the creative team of Taboo, B. Earl, Guillermo Sanna, Vanesa del Rey, and Jordie Bellaire.

The comic – which releases a new part every Thursday – will address the past, present, and future with Marvel’s Apache Sorcerer Supreme Spirit Rider Kushala will be the only focus here.

Marvel’s new Infinity Comic is available on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Apart from this Marvel has also released several new comics, including character primers, a new Captain America series, a comic focused on Jeff the Landshark, a new Shang-Chi comic, and many more.

Kushala’s story is the latest Marvel Infinity Comic that shows some big consequences for the Earth. The preview also shows that Kushala’s grandmother may have a role in destroying the planet.

Ghost Rider: Kushala #1 releases on 7 October.