Manta Comics’ romantic webcomic ‘Disobey the Duke if You Dare’ returns for season two

Manta Comics, a subscription-based webcomics platform, announced that Disobey the Duke if You Dare, one of the platform’s leading romance webcomics, is returning for a second season on 2 October 2022. 

The official synopsis reads: Disobey the Duke if You Dare is a medieval fantasy romance series about a young woman named Lily who is forced into a third marriage to a mysterious duke named Vlad. Her new groom is rumoured to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily’s surprise, he turns out to be a kind man and an attentive husband. However, she is forbidden from ever seeing his face. As their intense romance unfolds, Lily’s curiosity about the duke’s face grows, causing tension in their marriage and Lily to consider if the rumours might be true.

The series was created by Manta Comics’ own in-house studio and first debuted on Manta Comics in early 2022. Blooming romance combined with mystery and intrigue creates a webcomic that consistently has fans anxiously awaiting new chapters. Its popularity has made Disobey one of the platform’s top romance titles. 

In season two, readers will find out if Vlad ever returns safely from war after leaving Lily without a proper farewell and see Lily grappling with her desire for a child with the duke in the face of uncertainty about their relationship.

Manta has established itself as a premier destination for romance and fantasy webcomics, with titles such as Disobey the Duke if You Dare, Under the Oak Tree, Your Eternal Lies, The Accidental Heiress, The Forgotten Princess Just Wants Peace, and Duchess Crow demonstrating the quality and diversity of webcomics on offer.

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