Hasbro pays tribute to Marvel Legends recreating new ‘Captain America’ figure

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Marvel legends, Hasbro is all set to release a new Captain America figure that recreates his original release.

Hasbro’s new Captain America comes with two heads (both masked and unmasked), Cap’s shield (which attaches to his back), alternate hands, an energy effect to wrap around the shield and a display stand, as well as a comic book. Retailing for $31.49, the figure is slated to arrive in spring 2022 and is fan-channel exclusive.

Marvel Legends series 16-inch Captain America figure will cost up to $31.49.

Hasbro is always ahead in paying tributes to the Marvel toys. Hasbro’s Retro line releases high-quality Marvel Legends on carding that recreates the ’90s Toy Biz releases.

The upcoming Spider-Man wave also incorporates many classic cartoon characters, including Hobgoblin, Ben Reilly and even the Shocker.

According to comic book reports, Hasbro recently announced its plans to create its biggest release ever with a crowd-funded Galactus figure. The campaign ended on 30 August and successfully received over 30,000 backers, securing additional figures of Silver Surfer, Nova and Morg as bonuses.

It will be released in fall 2022, though fans who missed out will likely have to pay steep secondary market fees if they missed the initial pre-order window.