DC animates the Hero’s Origin Story to celebrate Static Shock’s return

DC has shared a new animated video that focuses on the secret origin of Milestone’s flagship hero Static in honor of Milestone Returns. Placed under the DC Secret Files and Origins, Static’s trailer has arrived in the wake of Milestone relaunching its entire universe with a line of digital-first titles, including a new Static series in April.

Virgil Hawkins, the electricity-slinging teen known to Dakota City as the superhero Static, has come back to DC Comics. This includes Virgil Hawkins’ conflict with bullies and being caught at the sight of the “Big Bang,” an event involving quantum vapor that transformed those who inhaled it into metahumans. In Virgil’s case, he gained the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields.

The first look at Milestone’s relaunched universe came with the Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0 one-shot, which is now available digitally on DC Universe Infinite and other platforms. 

In addition to Milestone Comics, Static has appeared in the mainstream DC Universe as a member of the Teen Titans. A Static Shock film is also currently in the works at Warner Bros., with Michael B. Jordan producing through his Outlier Society banner.

The way the creative team has reworked the scenario is extremely timely, and compelling. The Big Bang, origin of all the superpowered Bang Babies, is now a Black Lives Matter protest. It mirrors last year’s real-life demonstrations of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest. Just like the Big Bang of the ’90s, police arrive and fire tear gas laced with an experimental chemical that was supposed to help trace all participants to their homes afterward. Instead, it transforms hundreds of teens in unpredictable ways.

DC will launch its digital-first Milestone series starting with an extended version of the Milestone Returns one-shot on 26 February 2021. Static will receive his own digital miniseries on 12 April 2021.