‘Clash of Clans’ gets a graphic novel adaptation from comic maestro Gene Luen Yang

One of the most popular video games, Clash of Clans, is set to be adapted into a graphic novel by the creative maestro Gene Luen Yang. He is well known for his works including Monkey Prince, Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, the most celebrated graphic novel American Born Chinese and many more.

According to The Beat reports, Yang has revealed the news at WonderCon ’22 panel, that the video game is set to become a graphic novel series published by First Second. He said, “We’re fans of Supercell. Supercell is the company that makes these games. And 10 years ago, when our (Yang’s and First Second editor Mark Siegel’s) kids were much younger, they were huge Clash of Clans fanatics. Mark and his family live on the east coast. My family and I live on the west coast, but our kids were the same ages. So, it was a way for our families to connect. But ever since then Mark and I have wanted to do a Clash book. But he would call Supercell to try to get a meeting, and at some point, he realized why they weren’t coming back is because the amount of money that they would make from a graphic novel is the money they make in four hours. It just wasn’t worth it to them financially.”

Yang shared how Seigel didn’t give up, it took 10 long years to convince Supercell to make the games adapt into the graphic novel. Clash of Clans graphic novel series will encompass eight books, each focusing on a different character from the hit mobile game. Carl Barks, and Donald Duck, served as Yang’s inspiration in how he conceived the Clash series. However, the details about the art team were not disclosed yet.

He further said, “With video games, at least like the mobile platform that Clash in on, the characters have to be two dimensional. But I want to bring it back to comics, the three-dimensional. One of the challenges that we talked about for months was how it clashes with the look. All the troops of the same class look the same. All the archers are the same. All the barbarians are the same, all the same. So how do you tell a story where you care about the characters in a world like that? So, we came up with a solution. I hope people like it.”

Yang’s other recent projects include a Disney+ adaptation of American Born Chinese, Marvel’s latest Shang-Chi series Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, and DC’s version of the legendary Chinese hero Sun Wukong in the ongoing Monkey Prince series.