Brand new Joker to make entry in Gotham City

DC Comics teased the plans for introducing a brand new joker in an upcoming issue of Future State: Gotham.

On his Twitter account, Future State: Gotham writer Dennis Culver announced the arrival of new Joker to the Gotham City. His tweet reads, “Big News! I’m taking over the FULL writing duties of FUTURE STATE GOTHAM with issue 8 kicking off the new arc entitled THE NEXT JOKER. Part one is drawn by @NikolaCizmesija and features this AMAZING cover by @SimoneDiMeo_ Gotham isn’t ready for this BRAND NEW Joker! PREORDER!”

He also shared the art design for the new Joker showing a man walking through the street of Gotham wearing clown jumpsuit with diamonds all over and menacing mask with his hair on fire. Di Meo’s image displayed a brand new villain who stands in front of a cop car engulfed in flames and posters fly in the wind behind him.

Future State: Gotham is set in the world of DC Future State. The series features against the backdrop of a possible future Gotham City seen in other titles such as Future State: The Next Batman, Future State: Harley Quinn, Future State: Robin Eternal and Future State Nightwing.

Culver has collaborated with Joshua Williamson on writing duties for Future State: Gotham.

The new Joker will debut when Future State: Gotham‘s eight issue will hit the comic book stores later this year.