Chacha Chaudhary promotes save water with Jal Jeewan Mission

On the occasion of World Water Day, Chacha Chaudhary – the legendary comic hero of all times will be coming up with a new talking comic book – Chacha Chaudhary aur Jal Jeewan in multiple languages. This talking comic is ideated to support Jal Jeevan Mission, an initiative under the Ministry of Jal Shakti, aiming to ensure access to piped water for every household in rural and urban India. In the comic book, Chacha Chaudhary will be appealing to citizens to become water warriors and pledge to save every drop of water for our sustainable future. The change derived by Chacha Chaudhary through Talking Comics has proven that he is the most trusted influencer of all generations for behavioral change. The character is all set to change the momentum and would help to successfully promote this campaign across the country aggressively.

Talking comics is a proven and effective medium for its ability to connect with all age groups, demographics, in terms of language variation and to spread awareness in an intelligent and quick-witted manner. Diamond Toons will be conceptualizing and publishing a series of talking comics for Jal Jeewan Mission covering all aspects from water security, catch the rain, water for every household, water pollution, etc. The upcoming titles in the series will be – Chacha Chaudhary and Pani Ki Suraksha, Chacha Chaudhary and Jal Sanchayan Abhiyan, Chacha Chaudhary and Save Water, Chacha Chaudhary and Har Ghar Jal, Chacha Chaudhary and Water Pollution, Chacha Chaudhary and Save Planet Earth and Chacha Chaudhary and Value of Water.

Diamond Toons director Manish Verma said, Chacha Chaudhary has been an integral part of such behavioral change campaigns like the Swachh Bharat Mission, Namami Gange Project, Disaster Management and Healthcare, and Smart City project. The Jal Jeevan Mission will be based on a community approach to water. Extensive Information, education, and communication is the key component of the mission. Being the biggest influencer among kids and adults alike, Chacha Chaudhary is the perfect medium to outspread this knowledge and promote behavioral change. Chacha Chaudhary will help create this mission as a people’s movement for water, making it everyone’s priority. The comics will be distributed via our 360-degree distribution network involving print, school integration, library programs, and animation, outdoor, digital and social media.”