Viacom18’s Fully Faltoo drops 4 NFTs for preview; to go live on 14 February

Viacom18’s youth, music, and English entertainment cluster announced their emergence in the rapidly growing digital space of NFT by launching their NFT marketplace Fully Faltoo. Giving a peek at what’s in store, Fully Faltoo unveils four distinct, new-age, and culture-oriented NFTs that will be up for grabs on 14 February.

The digital collectible is nothing short of uniqueness and the quirkiness from iconic brands including MTV, Vh1, and Comedy Central in India.

Bakra urf G.O.A.T

Gen Z has a weird conception of the 90s folks being nothing but a bunch of boring prudes whose entire lives consisted of going to work, going to temples, going to the barber, and going to bed while listening to boring old tunes on the walkman. As it happens, we’re dead wrong about that, because here’s the T – Where you find peeps who’re bored out of their wits, you’ll find cool chaps who invent diabolical ways to keep themselves entertained. Where? Well, at work, at temples, at the barbers, and while listening to your favourite mustachioed 90s singer crooning the latest hits on the walkman. The bakra is the one and only legendary OG POI – prankster of India. Not everyone has an appetite for its wicked insane pranks but the G.O.A.T made sure no one was spared – not even the nice-guy nineties!

 Rangu The Champ

One of the things that we’ve come to learn and love about nature is how much of it is just freaky for no goddamn reason. There’s chock full of those utterly incredulous surprises in the wild. Now here’s the fun part – we were inspired by these freaks of nature to create our very own collection of even weirder, awesome-er, personal favourites NFTs! Only requirement? They’ve got to be cool as heck! Okay, so the cool thing about Rangu the chameleon NFT isn’t his regular-joe, color-shifting tricks. In fact, Rangu has long retired from his color-swapping days. After being bullied for the crimes of his ancestors, being called outdated names like camouflage charlie, Rangu gave up on his old and boring lifestyle to find a whole new passion that lights up his inner dopamine receptors – playback singing! Sometimes when he’s alone and it’s pitch dark, if you watch him real close, he might just shift colors for a microsecond under his blanky. You know, for old times’ sake!

Winging it aka Wing it like Wingnesh

Charmer, groover, smoother than silk route. On a regular night when generic romantics were busy looking for the moon to send a pixelated grab to their long-distance honies, a few lucky simpletons chanced upon Wingnesh – Winging it in the open sky and grooving to the glorious tunes pouring into his ears. He’s got tricks up his sleeve, sick beats under his belt and the wind in his hair. What more can an NFT hope for! Wingnesh has a great many things going for him – a charmer with smoother-than-desi-ghee reputation, hair slicked back with golden statement headphones that every audiophile would go crazy-crazy for, and what more? The ladies love him more than their favourite chopstick. But one thing tops the charts – he’s pretty fly for an NFT guy.

Many Me FTWs

If Mr. Gladwell’s words are anything to go by, you’ve got to put in your 10,000 freaking hours before you really make something of yourself. Too bad Gen Z is not big on reading and their attention span is that of Dory… and that only makes them adorable AF. Conquering the world with their cryptic lingo and currency. They’re out finding hacks and not shortcuts, just so you know. Hyperactive, creative, expressive, and, at times explosive. They are oh-so flawsome, cloning the hell out of them. To the generation that will disown Sharmaji at the very chance they get, Many Me NFT collections is a hat tip. Be the cube that’s always unsolved – the candle that never goes off – the traffic signal that’s always green – all of this and more. But never ever a has been – like Mr Gladwell.