Xilam Animation’s ‘Zig & Sharko’ channel earns YouTube Diamond Play Button 

Academy Award nominated French animation studio, Xilam Animation has been awarded a coveted Diamond Play Button for its hugely successful slapstick comedy, Zig & Sharko whose YouTube channel now has 10M (million) subscribers. 

Zig & Sharko is only the fourth YouTube channel in France to reach this 10M mark and the 95th kids’ channel to receive the Diamond Play Button worldwide.

Commenting on this achievement, Xilam Animation Digital Production head Charles Courcier stated, “The slapstick comedy, engaging characters and non-dialogue style gives Zig & Sharko broad international appeal and, as a result, the brand’s YouTube popularity continues to accelerate as fans all around the world seek out even more content to enjoy. We are honoured Zig & Sharko has reached this remarkable milestone in its digital journey and to have this achievement recognised by YouTube.”

Following its launch in May 2015, Xilam’s Zig & Sharko YouTube channel has garnered six billion views to date, with the most popular video receiving 125M views. The brand’s wider ecosystem on YouTube has also now accumulated 15M subscribers and eight billion views across both the global and localised channels, which includes Hindi, Russian, Brazilian, and German versions. 

Xilam brings to its fans new content every week on YouTube including exclusive and themed videos, making-of videos, behind the scenes content and more. A selection of episodes from the latest third season of Zig & Sharko is also available on the channel.

Zig & Sharko follows – Zig, a hungry hyena who whether on the high seasons, beach or an ocean liner, has one thing in mind: dining on Marina, the carefree mermaid. With help from Bernie, a genius hermit-crab, he comes up with the zaniest plans to capture her…but that’s forgetting Sharko, the shark with rippling muscles who will do anything to protect his mermaid honey!


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