Winsing’s ‘Diary of Dinosaurs’ and ‘Doby&Disy’ will now be seen in international markets

Winsing’s newly released feature film Diary of Dinosaurs has entered into deals with Boxoo Entertainment in Korea as well as Huasha International which will be responsible for the distribution in European and American markets.

As Winsing’s seventh feature film, it has been screened in cinemas since 1 May 2021, which recorded a box office of over $12 million with nearly 44 million admissions in China. With more and more distributors coming into negotiation, the film will premiere soon in Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Apart from the cooperation on feature film, Winsing has reached to agreements with ToonGoggles on its preschool animation series Doby&Disy. ToonGoggles is a fun and interactive online platform that is already available to more than 80 million homes worldwide via its VOD applications and linear channels aimed at more specific kids’ audiences. This move will help Winsing bring Doby&Disy series to North America, South America, Europe, Oceania markets and explore more cooperation possibilities.

With the aim of exploring the international market, Winsing plans to release a new batch of the animation series including GG Bond: Undersea Journey, Dino Diary and GOGOBUS within this year. Among which the seventh season of GOGOBUS will premiere on 2 July  nationwide.

For now, Winsing has been into negotiations with distributors in Africa, North America and other areas.