Winsing Animation spotlights its new IP at ATF 2020

Winsing Animation will be highlighting its hit shows and new animated property at Asia TV Forum (ATF) that’s going to be held virtually this year from 1 to 4 December. 

Out of its varied and exciting animated properties on, Winsing Animation will be promoting its hit series GG Bond and GOGOBUS, along with new title Team S.T.E.A.M.!

Additionally, Winsing will introduce its new contents of the next year (2021) to their partners in this online fair, such as GG Bond Series 17, GOGOBUS season seven to 10, Metalions, and Team S.T.E.A.M.! seasons three and four.

Commenting on participation at ATF, Winsing Animation head of int’l marketing Sophie Lau said, “We’re very excited to share all our new developing programs with the broadcasters through this online fair. Before that, Winsing has been in deep dialogue with major broadcasters in the Asia market. Our GOGOBUS series have been working closely with the major broadcasters and toys distributors in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more. And now we are also doing a couple of things to increase our presence in the rest of the world. We are working closely with the globe scriptwriting team and recruiting production talents around the world, aiming at developing more new shows which will appeal to major broadcasters and worldwide audiences. Another is to deploy our co-production plan. We are expanding the company horizontally and geographically, and we’re looking for the partners from all over the world to cater more to huge regional markets.”