Winsing Animation expands distribution of ‘GOGOBUS’ in Vietnam

Winsing animated series GOGOBUS has grown more and more new fans in Vietnam since season one was launched on TV broadcasters SEE, BIBI, MY KINGDOM on 5 June. In addition, GOGOBUS could also be watched on YouTube channel, gaining average views of about 100K.

The story happens in a beautiful coastal town where a group of lovely children study in kindergarten. In order to protect the children, the creator builds the world’s first artificial intelligence school bus named Gordon. Whenever the children have problems, he will transform into different vehicles to help them, such as fireman, ambulance, police, aircraft and salvage.

Along with the animation broadcasting, GOGOBUS toys series will also be launched in Vietnam market. Partnering with Viet Tinh Anh Jsc, four toys series, including transforming vehicles, transforming play sets, six in one robot, off-road friction vehicles, will be on shelves in 3 August.

With GOGOBUS toys’ successful launch in South Korea and Indonesia, Winsing believes that it can achieve good results in Vietnam market.