Will Formula of a good boy be Fountain Music's formula for animated success? -

Will Formula of a good boy be Fountain Music’s formula for animated success?

nullNo this is not science fiction, it is an attempt to woo 12 year old kids with some original home made 3D animation series that’s all set to debut end of July.

Of late, locally created animated content is growing by leaps and bounds in the home video segment. As the market expands, one can expect some surprisingly impressive fare amidst the wide stream of content that’s churned out regularly.

In one such instance, Pune based Fountain Music is planning to release ‘Formula of a Good Boy’ which it claims is the first original Indian 3D animated film created especially for the direct to home market. The publisher is first releasing the film in Hindi and has priced CDs at Rs 99/-

Formula of A Good Boy is about a naughty and mischievous twelve year old boy, Nattu who is disliked by all who know him and how his life is turned topsy turvy after his meeting with the Genie. The movie which is a created by the collaboration of Pune based Fountain Pixels and 24 Media Republic took around seven months to be completed by a team of twelve artists.

24 Media Republic, a division of 24 Media Fusion (P) Ltd. did the entire Pre- Production, Production & Post Production of the film while Fountain Pixels handled the Client Co-ordination and Production management.

Vickrant Argade, Creative Director, 24 Media Republic shared with Animation ‘xpress, “We decided to make the film in Hindi language as it would not restrict it to the regional market and also it would help the Distributors to market it through out India & abroad.”

“While working on this film, the most challenging part was to visualize the entire film with respect to the mentality of children, where they can associate themselves with the central character, Nattu. Similarly, ‘Dhoom’ another important character in the film who is Nattu’s pet dog and who talks with him throughout the film was the most challenging part,” he added.

Vickrant concluded by saying, “We stuck to our unique style of Production and had one to one discussion with the creative and production team after which the story boards were made along with the layouts. We wanted to give the entire film a unique look, hence we designed all the characters and the backgrounds in such a way that the viewers would get to see something which they had not seen before. Also the message in this film was the important aspect, as this film is not only for entertainment but is about sharing life skills that are universal with the young ones”