Walt Disney Internet Group signs distribution agreement with Boonty

The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) has inked a distribution agreement with Boonty, a global expert in the digital distribution of video games, to make some of WDIG’s most popular downloadable games available to consumers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The agreement further raises WDIG’s profile in the downloadable games category and expands its ability to deliver digital content across multiple platforms. Disney fans across Western Europe can now access exciting games in local language featuring favourite Disney characters, including The Lion King Grubalicious, the Little Mermaid Bubble Blast, Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball and Aladdin Magic Carpet Racing, by going to Boonty’s network of major portals and online retailers such as T-OnLine, Alice, AOL, TF1 and Eurosport. “The Walt Disney Internet Group intends to make Disney games content readily available to a broadening audience of consumers around Europe by expanding our distribution channels with leading aggregators. Boonty has the expertise, reach and robust infrastructure required for effective digital distribution, and we are pleased to add them to our network of partners,” said Walt Disney Internet Group, Europe managing director Attila Gazdag. According to media research consultancy Screen Digest, the European casual gaming market is expected to reach close to $400 million by 2009. Much of this growth is coming from the non-traditional gaming audience – up to 65 per cent of casual game players are female and 48 per cent are aged 35-54 – who are particularly attracted by the Disney-branded games experience. “We are seeing the gaming industry embrace digital distribution globally with increasingly sophisticated services. The intuitive interface and design simplicity of the Disney games are very appealing to our users and we are delighted to be able to add this content to our portfolio,” said Boonty founder and CEO Mathieu Nouzareth.