Vidya Balan and Mrunal Thakur to voice over for animated short on female superhero, ‘Priya’s Mask’

Vidya Balan and Mrunal Thakur

Actresses Vidya Balan and Mrunal Thakur will be lending their voices for an upcoming animated short, based on the fourth edition of India’s first female superhero comic book series, Priya’s Mask. 

The upcoming edition of the comic book deals with the COVID-19 crisis across the world. The animated film will be released alongside an augmented reality comic book on 2 December 2020.

Besides Balan and Thakur, the animated film also stars Rosanna Arquette and Sairah Kabir among others. Thakur voices Priya whereas Balan voices Priya’s friend, the flying tiger Sahas.

Priya and Sahas

Speaking about the venture, Thakur said in a statement, “As an avid comic book lover, I resonated strongly with Priya’s superhero character and realised she is someone I would like to bring to life through the creative medium. I have always aspired to be that superwoman who spreads awareness about social issues and it couldn’t be more exciting than to be a part of an animation character who is the voice of reason. Characters like Priya and Sahas are putting forth the message of how we need the world to become a more inclusive place to live in.”

The comic book and the animated short will see a collaboration between two popular female superheroes from India and Pakistan. While Priya represents India, Burka Avenger is her counterpart from Pakistan.

Ram Devineni

Balan added, “Clearly I have a thing for tigers. What Priya stands for resonated with me at so many levels and it’s the essence of Sahas that connected with me – her strength, empathy and confidence. So it was an easy yes for me and I’m happy to be part of this wonderful film”.

The Priya series was created by US-based documentary filmmaker and technologist Ram Devineni. Produced by Tanvi Gandhi, Indrani Ray, and Monika Samtani, Priya’s Mask is written by Shubhra Prakash.

Introduced to audiences in 2014, the Priya comic book has, over the years, brought to attention issues such as rape, acid attacks, and sex-trafficking.