Videogyan’s YouTube channel earns the Diamond Play Button; CEO Vishal T.M shares their future plans

Adding another feather in their cap, one of the leading preschool kids YouTube channel, Videogyan, recently got a Diamond Play Button for its 3D Rhymes channel on crossing 10 million subscribers. The channel which was started back in 2011 with generic how-to and info videos, began churning out animated videos including kids rhymes videos in 2013 and now has 10 channels across multiple languages. 

“The whole VG (Videogyan) team is super excited and enthusiastic about this reward. Every milestone is an important step in our journey and recognition like this is definitely icing on a cake,” an elated Videogyan Studios director and CEO Vishal T.M told AnimationXpress. “We have received multiple rewards for our channels but this one is definitely a big one. Looking back on the journey we had, it’s been incredible and at the same time challenging at times but when you have a great team with highly talented artists on your side it’s easier to overcome any challenges.”

Vishal T.M

Right from the beginning, the team had decided to upgrade themselves constantly both in terms of technology as well as storytelling. Talking about innovations done over the years, Vishal said, “We are extremely proud to be one of the first studios in the country to bring CG animation on YouTube that matches the international quality. Innovation in preschool content can be brought in a very subtle and skilful manner, our writers are constantly given challenges in coming up with concepts that excite kids.”

Videogyan offers a wide range of content formats. At Videogyan they believe entertainment is for all ages – right from a newborn to old. “Kids love to be entertained and have fun while watching any content. We’d love to see the smile and laugh on their faces when they watch our content,” shared Vishal. Their shows like TooToo Boy is an outright funny comedy series for preschoolers and Zool Babies Series is an adventure-oriented show where the five little babies try to solve a problem in each episode whereas rhymes involving Baby Ronnie and Demu Gola are a blend of fun and learning.

Like many of the studios, the team at Videogyan were unprepared when the lockdown was announced. Eventually, they shifted to work from home culture for the very first time and after some struggles in adapting to this new normal, they got used to it and the productivity was back to normal in a few months. Majority of the team is still working from home and they plan to continue it for some more time.

Talking about the change in consumption pattern of content over the years, especially during the pandemic, Vishal commented, “The consumption rate has increased a lot especially during the pandemic but at the same time it looks like people are hesitant in buying subscriptions and advertisers are cautious in spending because of uncertainty. We are hopeful that things will soon get back to pre covid times.”

Talking about their venture in different avenues and future plans, Vishal mentioned, “Our app/gaming division is growing exponentially post lockdown and as of date, we have over 20 million app downloads. We are bringing Augmented Reality into our apps and have also adopted artificial intelligence and machine learning in understanding the audience and their needs.

Very soon we will be launching multiple learning apps that are innovative and new to the current existing market. Any children’s app needs huge content requirements both in terms of animations as well as interactive games. Our existing strength in high-quality content creation gives us the edge in building world-class kids apps.”

We congratulate the Videogyan team on achieving this new milestone and wish them more achievements!