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Top kids rhymes app for iPhone

It is important to sing nursery rhymes and songs to your babies when they are very young to enhance their language and communication skills. It can be helpful to introduce children to a variety of nursery rhymes so they can learn about different sounds and understand them. 

The best part is, now you don’t have to sing nursery rhymes to your kid. Just download the app and play it for your child. Before downloading, make sure your portable device is connected to a strong online connectivity as ensured by CenturyLink WiFi for fast downloading. The rhymes are essential for your kids and help them develop language and communication skills. Children can learn and understand different sounds while listening to the rhymes. These nursery rhyme apps improve early language skills and encourage creativity.

There are different rhyme apps in the market and we have created a list that works on iPhone, whether you are looking for nursery rhymes in English, or Spanish the list will have it for your kid. Dig in!

  • Zoolingo

Zoolingo is a great rhymes app if you have children aged 2 and up. It includes nursery rhymes that are great for children to learn the basics of speech. The app has a creative interface that is very engaging because of its colorful graphics and easy to understand. 

It features from new to classics like Old McDonald’s and Twinkle Twinkle. You can also have them sing along to phonics songs. Moreover, the app not only has nursery rhymes but also educational games. It has a wide selection of nursery rhymes and baby songs that you can download.  The rhyming app has nursery rhymes available in over 16 languages and can be used for family singalongs.

  • KidloLand

It is considered the best Nursery Rhyme App. KidloLand is packed with hundreds of nursery rhymes and baby songs, not only that it has stories for children and learning games. 

You can also download videos of nursery rhymes and play them offline, even without the internet. It includes some cult classics like Itsy Bitsy Spider Wheels on the Bus etc. 

You can also find educational stories to help your child learn how to read. All games include funny animations and surprises. You can also subscribe to the app to access all content. This game is entertaining and worth the effort. This game will help your child learn his first words.

  • ChuChu TV

This kid-friendly app for preschoolers and babies lets you stream online and view your favorite learning videos. 

ChuChu TV videos are made for children of all ages from toddlers to preschoolers. Unlike other apps, the ChuChu TV Lite app offers parents great control and ensures that their children have a safe internet experience. The app comes with screen time control, parental control, and child lock are some of features.

The app does not collect any personal data because we are concerned about children’s online safety and privacy. The content instills moral values such as sharing, loving, caring, and helping others through its rhymes. Moreover, they can learn numbers, alphabets, nursery rhymes, and colors as well as fruits, vegetables, vehicles, and actions.

  • Pinkfong

The app with the interactive interface has won numerous awards, it encourages children to sing and play while learning. There are many Pinkfong videos, songs, dances, and stories that children can explore the world. They have everything from short songs to lengthy animation stories. The nursery rhymes app can be downloaded in four languages. You can enjoy the full range of children’s favorite songs on the app for your whole family. Songs can also be used to teach phonics or key vocabulary.

  • Dave and Ava

With the app, you can download videos for offline viewing and play the rhymes anywhere you go without having an internet connection. You don’t have to face any in-app purchases and advertising and your kid can watch without interruptions. 

The app offers a safe and child-friendly viewing experience. It offers a Parent Lock button so no one can interrupt the screen. Moreover, there is no way for anyone to contact your child. 

The app offers original educational videos with fun animation and educational. The beautifully animated videos will help children learn numbers, letters, and colors. If you follow Dave and Ava on YouTube and like their videos, the app has over 100 from Dave & Ava Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs.

  • ABC

The app offers handpicked nursery rhyme videos for your child. The app will also help with phonetics and will enable your child to understand the use of letters, ABC, and other words. 

The app also helps with the learning of numbers from 1-10 in a fun and easy way. So not only your child will be enjoying the songs but you will also learn. You can teach them about rainbow colors with vegetables and their appearances through cute animations. This app also has animated shapes, and Finger Family Songs that can teach your child about different fruits. 

Additional features in the app include memory games, alphabet, and number tracing, kid puzzles, kids connect the dots, and other fun activities. This game is free to download and will provide fun learning opportunities for your child.


Above mentioned nursery rhyme apps will delight your child’s imagination and provide hours of fun entertainment. Not only that these rhymes help children develop their language skills, but help them recognize the sounds that are needed to make their first words.