The popular Malayalam movie character, ‘CID Moosa’ returns in an animated series

One of the most successful and evergreen box-office hits of Malayalam cinema is set to return in an animated series format. We are talking about the slapstick comedy film starring Dileep in the title role, C.I.D. Moosa.

The Malayalam actor launched the promo of the animated series on YouTube. Before the start of the promo, the actor can be seen saying, “The movie was released 17 years ago and is still loved by Malayalis everywhere. Wherever I go people still ask me about this movie. We hope all of you including kids bless us and support us in our endeavour. Hope you enjoy this.”

The movie was about Sahadevan (Dileep) who failed in his police exams and ended up being a private detective who’s luck and wit helped him to solve the cases. The movie ended on the note of Sahadevan being sent to Scotland to solve bigger cases.

The promo footage picks from where the movie ended. CID Moosa can be seen in Scotland in the middle of a case before being called by the CID headquarters in India to look into a situation that needs his immediate attention. After being ejected from a mid-air passenger aircraft, Moosa can be seen landing on the top of a building with the help of an umbrella. 

He announces, “Moosa here, No Fear.” Dileep is lending his own voice to his character who will be seen performing his famous funny antics. 

The movie was jointly written by Udayakrishna and Siby K.Thomas and was produced by Dileep. The series is being jointly produced by Dileep’s Graand Productions and BMG Animations.

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