The best animation films to binge with family in this holiday season

The holiday season is here to spread cheer, and you are already looking forward to being with your kids and partner already. In these busy days where one is not getting enough time to catch up with kids and spouses, or even with grandparents, the film –time would be a great idea. 

We all know that you may want to click here to play online games like Roulette, or Blackjack, or other titles as you lounge on the armchair. But what will you do about your kids or your elderly parents who may rather want your company? The best thing to do will be to spend at least a day binge-watching animation films with them. 

Keeping with the Holidays or Christmas fever, here are a few all-time hits that you can certainly enjoy with your entire family. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The first movie came way back in 1966 and but in 2000, the same movie got a new look with Jim Carrey starring in the live-action adaptation. We love both versions equally well. The movie is based on Dr. Seuss’s children’s book. 

The movie is about a green character, Grinch, who is grumpy and hates Christmas. However, a six-year-old Cindy Lou tries to bring him back to love Christmas and does everything possible. Will she succeed or not is what the story is about and is sure to warm your heart. 

The Polar Express

The movie that came out in 2004 is about a little boy who boards the Polar Express train to take him to the North Pole. There are other kids too on the train who also do not believe in Santa Claus. But the moment they meet Santa and get a gift from him. Will that strengthen their belief, and will they start believing in Santa again?


Every modern family around the world has watched this tale of Ana and Elsa. The story revolves around how a sister tries to bring back her sister to her kingdom and help her fight her inner demons. 

This story, with its musical track, is a treat for the eyes and the ears. It is a great film to watch, and our favorite snowman, Olaf, heightens the fun moments with his cuteness. Though this is not necessarily a Christmas movie, there is a lot of joy in the air, which sets the mood for a perfect binge-movie experience. 

Arthur Christmas

If your kids love action and adventure, get ready to join a quiet Arthur and his grandpa Santa to deliver packages across the continents in time to the kids. If you ever wondered why Santa never went on anything other than his sleigh and his trusted Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, here’s the answer. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We all love to celebrate Halloween but do not wish to see spooky scary ghosts on Christmas! What happens when a scary Jack Skellington decides to join in the Christmas festivities and lend Santa a helping hand? This is when kids get scared, and all hell breaks loose! The movie is unique and can be the perfect treat for everyone looking for some jump-scare moments with a dash of joy. 


It is perhaps the most recent film from Netflix. It is about a grumpy old toymaker who does not like children, named Klaus, Alva a strict teacher, and Jesper, a horrible postal carrier. The movie takes us to Smeerensburg, where these three misfits and how he initially hates children slowly go on a mission to spread happiness around. 

Such movies are by far the most entertaining and can guarantee you the family bonding time you so desire.