‘Superman: The Complete Animated Series’ remastered collection to come to Blu-Ray this October

Superman: The Complete Animated Series will be coming to Blu-ray this October, all thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The release will complement the 25th anniversary of the series, which garnered two Daytime Emmy Awards in its five-year run. The collection, which contains all 54 episodes of the series, will be completely remastered, allowing fans to soak in the fine art and production without losing the soul of the original program.

The series will feature 21 hours of content across six Blu-ray discs. WB went deep on remastering, giving special attention to extensive color correction, dirt and scratch clean up, and adding a grain reduction pass to create a pristine picture, all while making sure not to affect the original lines in the artwork of the animation. They will all be presented in the original 4×3 aspect ratio.

All 54 episodes have been remastered from the original 35mm. The sound of Superman: The Animated Series has been remastered as well, so you can hear Tim Daly as Clark Kent / Superman in glorious sound. He and Dana Delany as Lois Lane, David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen, and Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor were the voices of these characters for a generation.

If the new six-disc box set is anything like the original box set Batman: The Animated Series, it should be some really great stuff to watch. While Superman: The Animated Series never quite reached the heights of its sister series, it offered a fantastic take on the last son of Krypton and truly launched WB’s animation dominance.

The producing quartet of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and Glen Murakami headed production of Superman: The Animated Series alongside executive producers Jean MacCurdy and Haven Alexander. Shirley Walker and the Dynamic Music Partners (Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter) composed the award-winning score, while eight-time Emmy Award winning dialogue/casting director Andrea Romano guided a star-studded voice cast. Curt Geda and Dan Riba served as animation directors for more than half of the episodes.

Superman: The Animated Series premiered on The Kids’ WB block in September of 1996, and was seen as a worthy successor to the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. The show also earned 11 Emmy nominations, including honors as the Outstanding Special Class Animated Program of 1996. The final episode aired on 12 February 2000.

Superman: The Complete Animated Series will be available to purchase from 12 October. It will cost $69.99 in the U.S. and $79.99 in Canada.