VFX Studio 100 Media’s ‘Mia and Me’ movie set to release in theatres -

Studio 100 Media’s ‘Mia and Me’ movie set to release in theatres

Studio 100 Media’s highly anticipated animation feature The Hero of Centopia has now finished production and is ready for delivery just in time for this year’s Marché du Film. The movie, based on the internationally popular and highly successful brand and CGI/live-action TV series Mia and me, will have its first theatrical release in Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland on 26 May, followed by France, Spain, and French-speaking Switzerland on 20 July, Hungary on 11 August and Bulgaria on 23 September 2022.

The movie will have its first international screening at the Cannes Film Festival on 17 May 2022 at 09.30 am, Palais C and 18 May 2022 at 01.45 pm, Palais D.

The Hero of Centopia is a co-production between Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd., and Broadvision Services Private Ltd. Executive Producers are Martin Krieger, Thorsten Wegener, Barbara Stephen and Sriram Chandrasekaran. Studio 100 Film acts as the international sales agent.

International sales are continuing to grow with countries such as Latin America, Taiwan, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Balkans on board. Los Angeles based distributor Viva Kids has acquired the film’s U.S. distribution rights and is planning a release for 2023.

Viva Kids president Victor Elizalde said, “From ‘100 per cent Wolf’ to ‘Vic the Viking’, Viva has had tremendous success releasing Studio100 titles in the U.S. We are thrilled to be adding such a charming and entertaining film to our 2023 slate. Mia and me will definitely be a favourite for young audiences.” 

Mia’s tale began when her parents mysteriously disappeared after a terrible accident, presumed dead. Mia was sent to a boarding school close to Florence, Italy. One day she discovered an amazing secret: From her parents, Mia inherited an ancient book and a magical bracelet that allows her to enter the enchanting world of Centopia. In Centopia Mia is an elf and the only one who can understand and talk to unicorns living there. In the fairytale realm, she finds friends among the fantastical creatures. Always at her side are her best friends, the elves Yuko and Mo, the unicorn Onchao and the pan Phuddle. The imminent new movie recounts Mia’s first theatrical adventure: She must stand up against Toxor, a monstrous evil toad. Toxor threatens Centopia and seeks to make it his personal poisonous pit. On top of that, he holds the key to her parent’s mysterious disappearance.

To date, three seasons of the series recount Mia’s adventures in the real world and in the fantastic world of Centopia with her elf and unicorn friends. A fourth season is currently in production and set for delivery by end of 2022. The series has so far sold to more than 170 countries.