Strong on VFX, Landmarvel gears up for next level

Talk about graduating from property development to intellectual property development. Owned and promoted by one of Chennai’s biggest real estate development groups Landmarvel, Landmarvel Animation Studios Ltd is on its way to tip the IP trail. nullFounded in 2002, the studio has already carved a substantial niche for itself in the regional VFX market. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Landmarvel General Manager Alagarsamy said, “We are doing nearly all the big regional movies lined up for 14 April (Tamil New Year). By April end we shall be delivering a total of 120 minutes of VFX” The studio which has recently delivered 32 minutes of VFX for 2 major Telugu hits Balu and Nuvvostanate Nenoddantanea, has also opened a marketing arm in Mumbai and has so far completed VFX for 3 Hindi movies. In the pipeline is a mega Hindi TV serial laden with VFX, work for which should commence by next month. With all the activity happening around VFX, what exactly is the next level that Landmarvel is hinting about? Vetrivell V production Manager at Landmarvel replies, “While dabbling in VFX is just a way of keeping our team busy, we are planning our own 3D direct to DVD. The project should take off in 3-4 months time” Business Manager Samir Bose adds, “We want to get into co production, but the co production model we look at is different from the one which is prevalent nowadays. Today most US companies expect an Indian CO-pro partner to put in all the sweat and do the production for them without getting paid. In return the Indian partner gets some South East Asian rights which he doesn’t have the know-how and reach to exploit. We are looking at a CO-Pro model where 50% sweat and 50% finance is by the international partner” . “We are also looking at the services market where we are offering our services in Full Motion Videos for Gaming studios as well as simulation for various applications. In fact we have recently delivered a simulation project for the defense ministry of Oman” informs Vetrivell.
Landmarvel Chairman & CEO Veerashekhar
The studio which currently has a team strength of around 80 is looking to ramp up shortly. For meeting it’s demand for talent, Landmarvel has launched its own training division where new recruits are trained to become production ready. Says Landmarvel Chairman and CEO Veerashekhar,” By 2006 we are looking to substantially ramp up the headcount and probably be in the range of 300″ He further adds,” We plan to set up individual profit centres for Animation, VFX and Simulation. A fully integreated post production facility at our premises will serve the domestic and international market. Our office at USA will take care of the international marketing and shortly we are opening up branch offices at Europe. By June we shall be ready to work on the direct- to- home video charted for US Release.” Landmarvel has also taken up 5 acres of land in the STPI at Siruseri Chennai and plans to set up a new integrated facility for its operations in a year’s time.