Dessin Works’ Chip N Stolly for global audience

Chip, Stolly, Janice and Crash H The cast of Chip N Stolly
Even as most animation studios in the country are crying hoarse about the economics not working out for creating original IP, here’s news about a small studio in Chennai silently developing IP for the global audiences. Having completed 13 episodes (11 mins each) already, Chennai based Dessin Works is in the midst of completing the next 13 episodes of its 2D animated TV series Chip N Stolly.The IP for the series is owned by Dessin Works and the studio is in the process of finalising a telecasting deal with an European broadcaster. Speaking exclusively to Animation ‘xpress, Dessin Works’ directors the husband and wife team of Cleford & Rajini said that,” Though it’s our company’s first production, we are happy to deliver a world class production, in terms of entertainment and quality of the animation. The series has turned out well and we are confident that it will make a lot of audience across the globe happy and will add a credit to the Indian Animation Industry..” Chip N Stolly is a story of new kid in town Chip and his friend and neighbor Stolly who’s a professional inventor with the mind of an eight year old. The pre production for the series has been done in collaboration with creative talents from the U.S.A. While the story is co written by Padma Nagarajan(India)and Julia Fairley(US), the voicing has been managed by US based voice cast director Anthony Reece . The creative director for the show is Dessin Works director Cleford Raj. Dessin Works has already entered partnerships with distributors for marketing Chip n Stolly worldwide. The US rights of the series lie with John McLean Media, USA, Turkey with Bumerang Films, while Europe and Canada lie with TPI International The Asia Pacific rights have been assigned to Chennai based Pyramid Entertainment Exports, says Pyramid’s Nagarajan “Pyramid is very happy to be associated with Dessin Works on the sale of its high quality animated series Chip N Stolly. We are finalising the TV deal for Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/Phillipines and are also awaiting some positive news on the home video segment. As the quality of the animation and the quality of the post production are of a high standard, we are hopeful of getting some good business from other sectors in the Asia Pacific market”