VFX Sprout Studios' NuNu TV reaches a new milestone with 50 million views -

Sprout Studios’ NuNu TV reaches a new milestone with 50 million views

NuNu TV, a Delhi-based YouTube edutainment channel, has announced that their YouTube channel, NuNu TV has surpassed the milestone of 50 million views with 348K subscribers throughout the world.

Over one and a half years after its inception, the company has break-even and achieved tremendous success. Compared to the preceding three quarters, the company has seen consistent viewership growth of over 100 per cent each quarter, with revenue growth of over 50 per cent. In the coming years, company experts expect a 200 per cent annual growth rate.

On achieving this milestone NuNu TV CEO Rahul Rohilla commented, “The love and affection we have continued to receive from a global audience, as well as the fact that parents and caregivers trust us as a secure area for their kids, is our greatest achievement. Because of the support of our viewers, we were able to attain this milestone in such a short period of time. Our positive story has inspired us, and it continues to motivate us to strive for greater heights every day.”

NuNu TV was started in 2020 as a YouTube edutainment Channel for kids during the lockdown to keep them engaged while enriching their knowledge. NuNu TV is building a network of instructors to collaborate to provide entertaining and informative material for children aged two to four years. The company started with the seed investment of 50 Lakhs and received 1.2 crore as funding but is unused as it develops more technology from existing revenue itself.

NuNu TV is a platform that creates licensed content that encourages imagination, thought provocation, caring, honesty, respect, and, most importantly, discovery and exploration of the world among children. The company believes that learning is easy with music and creativity; that’s why we create the content which makes learning fun and engaging with adorable characters and funny plots. It has produced hundreds of videos that engage children in educational content by allowing them to choose topics and ideas for videos, significantly improving their cognitive skills even when their busy parents cannot contribute to their learning and development.

The company has also partnered with xMedia, Russia’s largest content distributor, to expand its content to teach English to children worldwide. NuNu TV’s Content is also available on all major platforms like Youtube, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many more.

NuNu TV is developing a product that will assist children in developing an understanding of letters and words to improve their capacity to read and comprehend at a young age. They will also be working on web3 and Meta Verse products soon.