Sony YAY!  adds new show  ‘Bhaalu Ye Bindaas Hai’ to its program list 

Kids’ entertainment channel Sony YAY! introduces a brand new show, Bhaalu Ye Bindaas Hai, journaling the adorable shenanigans of a clumsy bear. 

The new show takes forward the legacy of much-adored TV series David Backkom and presents its desi avatar to suit the young Indian audience.

David Backkom is a snow-white and a chubby polar bear with a curious personality. He comes to the prosperous modern city from the remote North Pole. In this novel, due to his clumsy personality, a series of funny stories happens to him. He looks strong, but always ends up blowing everything in clumsiness.

These hilarious tales of Gummu will take kids on different adventures where either the bear goes on an adventure or it unfolds in front of him. While the kids may root for him to thrive in the challenge but due to his unfortunate and funny choices, Gummu ends up creating mayhem of chaos and laughter riot.

Alongside Gummu the series includes Zack the lizard, Lloyd, and Eva the penguins, and Goliath the Chihuahua who doubles up his woes which takes the whole story on the ultimate set of goofy mishaps and funny antics.

The new series is available in three language feeds (Hindi, Malayalam and Bengali) and comprises 195 shorties of three minutes each.

Watch Bhaalu Ye Bindaas Hai every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm on Sony YAY!.