A webinar on ‘3D animation job skills required for studio careers’ to be held on 2 Dec

The world of VFX, animation and gaming is no longer the same following the pandemic and the lockdown. Studios, educational institutes and broadcasters have discovered a new way of working remotely without impacting the output negatively on the creative and production side. Cost-optimisation is the new norm, with a focus on productivity. The best talent has risen up. There’s a rise in what is known as the gig culture where talent is available for hire for specific tasks and projects with strict deadlines. 

AnimationXpress dives into this fast-growing trend through a virtual round table featuring AnimationXpress founder, CEO and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari, Cosmos Maya COO Adi Shayan and creative director Abhay Waghmare. The webinar is beneficial for studios, independent technicians and artists, students and professionals.

Abhay Waghmare is one of the very few artists that can juggle with traditional art, 2D as well as high-quality 3D animation. He brings 22 years of rich experience and has worked with companies like UTV, Future Thought, Jadoo Works, Prana. Waghmare has served as animation supervisor/director on shows such as Tinkerbell and Chub Chubs and as creative director on Angry Birds Slingshot Series and the soon to release animated feature – Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds.

Adi Shayan also brings with him 22 years of rich experience in building and leading world class animation teams and running world class animation studios at companies like Tata Elxsi, DreamWorks Animation (India), Xentrix Studios and now at Maya for the last two years.

This chat will provide insights into the real world of animation production and what it means for a fresh animation graduate looking to start his career in the animation industry. They will also share a practical perspective on the 3D animation production process, how one could inculcate the values and develop the work ethic required for a successful career.  

This is a must-attend talk for fresh animation graduates and for those who will graduate in the next six to 12 months.

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