Sassy animated icon Betty Boop gets a new avatar in NFT collection Boop & Ferns

The original it-girl of the animation world, our beloved boop-oop-a-dooping star Betty Boop, gets her own NFT collection known as Boop & Ferns. The sassy icon, considered to be the world’s first and only female animated screen star made her debut with the release of the Fleischer Studios animated short Dizzy Dishes.

Betty Boop was a symbol of women empowerment. She was first introduced in 1930 and starred in more than 100 cartoons, 90 of which are included in the official Betty Boop series which ended in 1939.

She is independent, she has fun, she works. She defends herself. She was the first heroine to raise the issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry by slapping a crooked producer in a 1932 episode.

The Boop & Ferns collection marks the first time Betty Boop enters the digital art world. Dropping will be 8888 one-of-a-kind NFTs. Each NFT is as individual and unique as their owners. 

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The original movie star known for her fashion and style, Boop & Ferns NFT’s will see Betty Boop styled in digital fashion clothes and accessories as seen in her classic cartoons. There are 92 individual fashion traits, one for each year since Betty’s entertainment debut.

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