Review: Disney’s ‘Us Again’ charms us with its brilliant animation

Us Again

Love is eternal and age is just a number – Disney’s newest animated short Us Again reinstills this thought once again. Released on the big screens before Raya and the Last Dragon on 5 March, Us Again depicts an old couple rekindling their old chemistry and camaraderie through dance and music.

Set in a vibrant city pulsating with rhythm and movement, the animated shot tells the story of an elderly man and his young-at-heart wife, who rediscover their youthful passion for life, dance and each other one magical night as rain washes away their worries and makes them look at things in a clearer manner. Years of discomfort and baggage that comes with old age fade away as the joy of dancing propels them across the throbbing cityscape in their youthful form which revives their fond memories and ambitions.

Zach Parrish

Us Again is a silent animated short that speaks volumes through its characters, beautiful animation and music. The sheer beauty of the entire treatment to the short is stunning. Directed by Zach Parrish, who previously worked as the head of animation on Big Hero 6, and also was the director of Disney Animation’s ‘Short Circuit’ film, Puddles, along with other animators, Parrish has done a brilliant job in capturing the excitement of the huge rain soaked city with glowing neon lights, and its reflection on the rain drenched paths is like a splash of playing colours that becomes the perfect background for rejuvenation, rebirth and love to blossom again. It’s one of the most beautiful animated works with water lately.    

Raya and the Last Dragon sure has an amazing classic feel with beautiful scenery, but Us Again shows us where Disney is heading in the future, and it looks amazing. The film stands out not only because of its rain drenched  city and water animation but also because of how it places its two main characters, Art and Dot, into it and makes the film about them. The rain, city and other aspects are a part of their short epiphanic journey.

This animated short exactly shows how Disney’s animation has taken another step up in terms of technology and pushing forward with experimentation, which is what these shorts are meant to do.  

The stealer of the show of Us Again is the dance which is fantastic and is choreographed by dancers Keone and Mari Madrid, who have previously been crowned as the “World of Dance” champions. They are the magicians behind making Us Again a unique composition in the Disney slate.  

Bringing in these experts had a significant impact on the animated short as the characters move effortlessly and smoothly. The moves have been smartly choreographed according to the characters age. The music too is another crucial part of this film, making one want to get up and shake a leg. The puddles deserve a special mention as the reflections show the characters as their younger selves, which is amazing showcasing the incredible attention to detail that this animated short has.

Us Again is a feel good story that teaches the life lesson to enjoy life as it is just one ride. It is also able to pull on our heartstrings as it showcases the fear of aging and the restrictions that comes with it. It did not match upto Up, but the story creates a mark within its short time. 

Us Again as well as  Raya and the Last Dragon will be available on Disney+Hotstar  in June 2021.