‘PJ MASKS’ participates in Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 to promote healthier lifestyle among children

In partnership with Hasbro and its global entertainment studio, eOne, PJ Masks are a part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, happening from 30 October to 28 November, to help promote a healthier lifestyle to the children of Dubai.  

The participation intends to encourage kids to be active for 30 minutes a day through exclusive workout videos that will be released throughout the fitness month. The partnership was secured by 20too Licensing, Hasbro’s local sub-representative in MENA and Eventbox.

The official description of PJ Masks follows: Catboy, Owlette & Gekko are always on the move, racing through the city to stop the night-time villains with their super skills of speed, strength and flight! The heroes have to master their physical abilities in every episode, learning the values of teamwork, discipline and coordination in all their adventures – showing children that they too can be superheroes. Whether they are showing off their ‘Super Gekko Muscles’ or ‘Super Cat Speed’ – there is something for everyone with this year’s #PJMasksHeroChallenge.

Four PJ Masks workout videos have been created for children of all ages, inspired by the well-known hero moves from the trio. The first PJ Masks workout video was released on the Dubai Fitness Challenge YouTube channel on 30 October 2020 and once a week thereafter until 28 November 2020. The videos feature catchy and fun PJ Masks themed songs and the routines are energetic, challenging and intent on keeping the kids’ focus featured in iconic locations in Dubai. Children will be encouraged to replay the videos to keep learning and perfecting their own version of the routine with their favourite PJ Masks moves. Whether it is inside or outside the home, children can learn the importance of staying active and healthy from a young age combined with the values of the PJ Masks heroes, where friendship and teamwork always saves the day!