Peacock releases ‘Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky’ season two trailer

Peacock announced that all six episodes of the second season of Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky will be released on 3 February 2022 exclusively on the platform. Peacock has released the new trailer of a high soaring family adventure.

The voice cast includes Nicolas Cantu as “Dak”, Brennley Brown as “Leyla”, Carlos Alazraqui as “Duggard”, Moira Quirk as “Hannahr”, Roshon Fegan as “Elbone”, Brad Grusnick as “Magnus”, Tara Strong as “Vizza”, Zach Callison as “Winger”, Skai Jackson as “Summer”, Noah Bentley as “Burple”, Andre Robinson as “Cutter” and Marsai Martin as “Aggro”. Tara Strong as “Sparkle”, Claire Corlett as “Blazo” and Charlie Saxton “Whiffy” are the guest stars.

Dak, Leyla and the Rescue Riders are ready for all new high-flying adventures as Burple finds his strength and becomes “The Incredible Burple” and Haggis goes missing! But when the gang discovers new dragons – a Relentless Rainbow Horn named Sparkle, a Stinkwing with a powerful smell, and fast-flying dragons called Zommerangs – they will have to work together to courageously defend Huttsgalor like never before!

The synopsis of the series reads: In a faraway corner of the viking and dragon world, Dragons Rescue Riders Heroes of the Sky is the next chapter following the adventures of viking twins Dak and Leyla, who were rescued and raised by dragons, growing up learning to speak their language. Along with young dragons Winger, Summer, Cutter and Burple, they defend and protect other dragons on exciting adventures around their home of Huttsgalor. 

Jack Thomas (Regular Show, Dragons: Race to the Edge) serves as executive producer and Brian Roberts (VeggieTales) serves as co-executive producer. Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes Of The Sky is produced by DreamWorks Animation.