PBS KIDS to treat families to new Halloween episodes of ‘Donkey Hodie’, ‘Alma’s Way’, ‘Curious George’ and more

The fun kicks-off on 10 October with brand-new episodes from Alma’s Way, Donkey Hodie, Curious George and Molly of Denali. The episodes will continue to air and stream free throughout the month.

In addition, favourite seasonal specials including The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween!Curious George: A Halloween Boo FestWild Kratts: Creepy Creatures and Arthur and the Haunted Tree House will air between 10 and 31 October.

Alma’s Way Trick-or-Treatasaurus/The Haunted Hallway (10 October)                            

When Junior accidentally ruins his dinosaur Halloween costume, Alma, Mami, and Tía Gloria must figure out a way to turn the mistake into a fright-night delight.

It’s Halloween at the community center, and Alma, Rafia, and Lucas are determined to have the best Haunted Hallway ever. But when Alma decides that she wants to make the Hallway even spookier than before, people stop visiting. What gives?

Donkey Hodie: A Donkey Hodie Halloween (10 October)

It’s Purple Panda’s first Halloween in Someplace Else, but he’s afraid because he doesn’t know what to expect. Donkey Hodie is here to help! She prepares Panda for all the things he’ll see on Halloween while their pals make it extra special.

Molly of Denali: Bubbling Up/Eenie Eenie Aye Over (10 October )

Molly, Tooey and Trini find mysterious bubbles while canoeing on Lake Qyah. Who’s making the bubbles? Could it be wood frogs, a freshwater seal, or… a lake monster? Hopefully Grandpa Nat and Nina can help them solve the case!

When a power outage cuts their video game short, Molly, Tooey and Trini go outdoors and learn a ball game from Walter and Grandpa Nat: Eenie Eenie Aye Over! Do the kids have what it takes to beat the grownups?

Curious George Tale of the Frightening Flapjacks/Happy Yelloween (14 October )

It’s Halloween in the Country! George and The Man with the Yellow Hat arrive at the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern for the Renkins’ Halloween bonfire. Bill has been assigned with telling this year’s Scary Story at the bonfire, and he has a doozy of a spooky tale featuring a creepy cave, flying flapjacks and the Griddlecake Grizzly! The problem is, his tale was inspired by a dream from the other night and he woke up before it was over — and now Bill doesn’t have an ending to his story! So George and Allie set out to recreate Bill’s dream and fun-scare him into a little inspiration.

George-the-elephant and Allie-the-dragon are having great fun trick-or-treating on Halloween night — when suddenly it starts to rain! Back at George’s house, they decide to wait out the storm. Maybe the rain will pass and they can go back outside? But when all of the neighbours drop by one by one, in soaking wet costumes, George and Allie realize it is time to give up — and continue the celebration inside! After all, for trick-or-treating, all you need are treats and doors! So they bring everyone together and, with a little help from The Man with the Yellow Hat’s closet, they figure out how to have a perfect, fun and dry…Yello-ween.