VFX PBS KIDS explores the outdoors with new specials and episodes from fan-favourite series -

PBS KIDS explores the outdoors with new specials and episodes from fan-favourite series

PBS KIDS is celebrating the natural world with a special Explore the Outdoors-themed line-up, from 18 April to 13 May, featuring all-new specials and episodes from fan-favourite series to help grow kids’ curiosity and understanding about the environment and sustainability, while inspiring outdoor fun!

Here’s the complete programming schedule:

Elinor Wonders Why: A Wonderful Journey – One-hour special

Elinor, Ari, and Olive are back with a new, one-hour movie! The journey begins when Elinor and her friends have a curious and fun adventure when they go camping with Ranger Rabbit to Hidden Lake. While on a hike to help their new friend Bianca observe the lake’s frog population, the kids discover all the frogs are missing! Why? It’s up to Elinor, Bianca, and the rest of the gang to solve the mystery of the missing frogs.

The special premieres on 18 April and re-airs on Earth Day on 22 April. Along with the special, three new half-hour episodes of Elinor Wonders Why will premiere the week of 19 April! Fans can follow along as Elinor and her friends learn about how different animals rest to regain energy, dance with cranes to communicate and express their feelings and build bird feeders to make food easier to find for their feathery friends – and more!

The Little Drummer/Rest is Best premieres on 19 April

Elinor’s Fishy Friend/Do the Crane Dance premieres on 20 April

 Feed the Birds/Señor Tapir Says Adios premieres on 21 April

Nature Cat

Tally ho! Nature Cat, Hal, Squeeks, and Daisy will embark on a week of exciting outdoor adventures, helping all sorts of friends along the way! The gang will discover the sounds of the woods to find the soundtrack for a Nature Dance Party, track a scent on the wind to find a spot that holds a special memory, look for answers as to why leaves fall and embark on a wild river ride filled with rapids, floods, and dams.

Nature Dance Party/Bad Dog Bart Junior premieres on 9 May

Rock Clues/Sweet Scent premieres on May 10

Agents of the Great Outdoors/The Nature-tastic four premieres on 11 May

Leaf Fairy/Midge Over Troubled Waters premieres on 12 May

Nature Nap Dilemma/Wild Rivers premieres on 13 May

 Cyberchase: Buzz and the Tree Arbor Day special!

Kicks off the Cyberchase family night weekend block of new episodes on 29 April.

It’s Arbor Day in Cyberspace! It’s a special day to plant a tree for a best friend, but Buzz has other plans. Concerned that Buzz is absorbed by his video game, The Terrific Tree Delete calls on the CyberSquad to help get his best buddy back. Families will join the crew as they head out to the forest and use Buzz’s knowledge of trees learned from his video game to help Delete pick the perfect tree to plant in Buzz’s honour! And in even more science-themed fun, families will learn about environmental topics like migration, water pollution, and invasive species in three additional episodes, premiering back-to-back in a special Cyberchase family night weekend block on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel, 29 April at 7 pm ET!

Hacker’s Bright Idea

The Lilting Loons

Living In Disharmony

Alma’s Way

New episodes of Alma’s Way will follow Alma and her friends on their outdoor adventures in the city.

Granny on the Go/Chacho’s Day Out premieres on May

Checkers Champ/World’s Greatest premieres on 3 May

Steggie Rescue/Alma Hits the Right Note premieres on 4 May

Do the Waltzango/Big Brother Bootcamp premiere on 5 May