VFX On a wing and a player: Animspirit developing 3D projects -

On a wing and a player: Animspirit developing 3D projects

A Still from Biblo

Creativity knows no bounds, it needs not size nor scale! Armed with an eight member strong team that lives and breathes 3D, Secunderabad based animation studio Animspirit is amidst development of a couple of 3D projects including a short film ‘Wind’ as well as a music video titled ‘Biblo’.

The ambitious studio aims to reach out to audiences by releasing its film on home video as well as by airing it on TV Networks. The music video will of course beam on all the Music channels.

Speaking to Animation Xpress.com, Animspirit Director Shiva Makwana shared, “Established in December 2005, we are a very young studio. We have worked on a few 3D animated episodes for an international client. However we are very excited about creating our own content”

In the short film, the wind is personified as a woman with wings to fly. “The short film Wind is one of our dream projects and we as a team have been involved in it right from sketches, visualization and all other stages. We have given it our all” remarked Makwana.

Concept Sketch from Wind

“The film has a surreal feel to it, giving a mystical aura to it,” Anirudh B, Sr Animator at Animspirit added.

Biblo the 3D animated video is the other project which Animspirit is working on. “It’s a comic video based on the immensely popular song ‘Yeh dosti’ from the all time blockbuster movie ‘Sholay’ the characters in the video Amitabh and Dharmendra have another companion, Sambu who is a South Indian” concluded Makwana.