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New VlogBox webinar to overcome key obstacles faced by kids’ content creators

VlogBox has just announced its next Get-Together webinar series for content owners and video creators looking for guidance on video distribution, monetization, and promotion. While the previous event covered all content verticals, the upcoming webinar, scheduled for 20 December, will focus specifically on animation and kids’ video. This free panel discussion will help animation studios, children’s content distributors and resellers, kids-vloggers and talent agencies, as well as publishers and TV channels gain new and valuable insights into the latest strategies and pathways for success in these highly competitive markets.

The number of CTV users keeps growing; for the major video streaming services, kids’ content continues to shine as one of the most in-demand verticals. 

The panel agenda will include:

  • Most popular types of content for kids
  • Getting started: team building, platforms to work with, marketing strategies
  • Effective ways to catch the eye of your audience and make them love your content
  • Key success factors
  • Choosing beneficial partnerships, awards, and special events to attend
  • Challenges of content creation, delivery, distribution, advertising, and monetization

The webinar’s panel of experts ready to share their ideas and varied perspectives includes:

  • VlogBox director of Strategic Partnerships Anna McMichael
  • Digital Television Russia (DTR) head of media international sales Victoria Bolotova
  • Ian Phillips, founder of Toy Trains 4u, a child-focused YouTube Channel with over five billion views. He is also the owner of the Funlings toy brand
  • Animation World Network (AWN.com) co-founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief Dan Sarto