VFX Netflix's first Brazilian animated series 'The Nutty Boy' to debut this October -

Netflix’s first Brazilian animated series ‘The Nutty Boy’ to debut this October

Netflix shared that The Nutty Boy, first kids and family animated series out of Brazil adapted from Ziraldo’s children’s book, d├ębuts on 12 October. And to keep this classic alive and know what’s to come, fans from different ages can now check the series official trailer.

Since its launch in the 1980s, The Nutty Boy books have been published in more than 10 countries and sold more than four million copies, remaining in the affective memory of Brazilians.

“It makes me happy to see this young boy entertaining a new generation of Brazilians, now bringing themes that are relevant to the contemporary challenges of childhood and adolescence in an inedit content of animated series. In this way, families will be able to watch it and have fun together. Adults will remember their childhood, and kids will now create their own memories with our boy,” Ziraldo creator said.

This is the first time the book becomes an animated series, and should surprise the audience with new characters and a plot that added contemporary topics to The Nutty Boy universe. The adaptation is eager to create a new generation of fans of the famous boy with a pan in his head, sweet tooth and fast feet,  who was also portrayed in movies and cartoons.

Produced by Chatrone for Netflix, The Nutty Boy is adapted by Carina Schulz and Rodrigo Olaio, directed by Beto Gomez and Michele Massagli, art directed by Beta Kruger and Walkir Fernandes. Fits is the animation director and Gustavo Suzuki, the head writer.