VFX Netflix signs multi-year extension deal with Brutus Pink -

Netflix signs multi-year extension deal with Brutus Pink

Netflix announced a three-year renewal of its content deal with Brutus Pink, the acclaimed animation production company from Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, the creative team behind the award-winning adult animated series, Big Mouth, and Human Resources.

The pact, which now runs through 2026, will include Brutus Pink developing and producing new animated projects for Netflix.

Levin said, “Brutus Pink is thrilled to be continuing at Netflix, which has been our creative home for seven years. We’re hopeful this means we get to keep the ‘Con Air’ DVD that’s been sitting on Nick’s coffee table in a red envelope since 2006.”

Big Mouth is the fan beloved, critically-acclaimed and Emmy-nominated adult animated comedy about the glorious nightmare that is puberty. Inspired by Kroll and Goldberg’s childhood, it follows a group of friends and their hormone monsters as they navigate adolescence, human sexuality, and coming of age. Season six returns this fall. Season five reached Netflix’s Top 10 in 25 countries. Human Resources, a spinoff of Big Mouth, launches its second season next year. Season one reached Netflix’s Top 10 in 15 countries.

Netflix VP animated series John Derderian said, “Since signing our first deal with Brutus Pink, Big Mouth has grown from a fan favourite to one of the most beloved animated franchises across the globe. We know we’re in excellent hands with the team at Brutus Pink and can’t wait to see them create the next generation of hit animated series.”