Netflix drops trailers of ‘Wish Dragon’ and ‘Eden’

Netflix is launching back-to-back animated features and series. The streaming giant is now focusing on releasing tons of new animated original series and movies. 

Earlier Netflix had announced its plans to launch 40 new anime series in 2021. The success of Blood of Zeus (2020) paved the way for more anime shows to be launched on the platform. In 2021 alone so far Netflix has released anime titles like DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Yasuke, The Way of the Househusband, High Rise Invasion, and Castlevania season four. And now, the platform is adding up yet another Japanese anime series, Eden, to its watch list.

Netflix dropped the trailer of its upcoming anime series Eden, which will premiere on 27 May 2021.

Eden is the first Japanese anime that’s completely owned by Netflix. It is directed by Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist) and created by Justin Leach (Ghost in the Shell 2). The sci-fi fantasy anime stars Marika Kono,Kentaro Ito,Kyoko Hikami in the lead roles.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In the distant future lies a city is known as Eden barren of humans for thousands of years. Robots have been the only form of existence since. A human baby girl, Sara, awakes from stasis, questioning all they were taught to believe. No longer an ancient myth, two robots E92 and A37 become her surrogate parents, raising her in a haven outside Eden. Who is Sara, and if humans have not existed for a long time, where and why did she appear? 

The worldwide anime market is expected to expand to over $36 billion by 2025. Netflix is all set to premiere a wide variety of anime series like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and adaptations of the manga series like Record of Ragnarok.

With its amazing content, Netflix has created a huge fan base among the kids and adults alike. It recently released the animated feature The Mitchells vs. The Machines, a sci-fi family adventure movie that is considered to be one of the best-animated feature films of the year. The streamer is also working on various other animated feature films like Vivo, Wish Dragon, Love death + Robot 2, and more.

Along with Eden, Netflix also dropped the trailer of its upcoming animated feature Wish Dragon which is all set to premiere on 11 June 2021.

The movie is presented by Sony Pictures, Tencent, Sparkle Roll, and Base Media. Chris Appelhans is the writer and director of the movie and it is produced by Aron Warner, Chris Bremble, and Jackie Chan. The voice cast includes John Cho, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jimmy Wong, Constance Wu, Will Yun Lee, Jimmy O. Yang, Aaron Yoo, Bobby Lee, and Ronnie Chieng.

The story revolves around Din, a working-class college student with big dreams but small means, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of granting wishes, set off on a hilarious adventure through modern-day Shanghai in pursuit of Din’s long-lost childhood friend, Lina. Their journey forces them to answer some of life’s biggest questions – because when you can wish for anything, you have to decide what matters.

Netflix’s Wish dragon seems like a modern-day version of Disney’s Aladdin, where the wish-granting blue genie from an ancient lamp is replaced with a pink dragon from a mystical teapot. The trailer recalls the glimpse of Alladin where his genie helps him in fulfilling his wishes. Genie helps Alladin to become Prince but is not able to make people fall in love, but here the wish dragon helps Din to find his childhood best friend Lina. The story is more about friendship than romance.

There is also a ‘do you trust me’ moment, where Din asks Lina to surf down some stairs with him, whereas in Aladdin, Jasmine (the princess) flies with him on a magical carpet. 

Wish Dragon is all set to entertain people with its mystical powers on Netflix on  11 June. It got a theatrical release in China on 15 January 2021.