Netflix is all set to bring an Original ‘Ultraman’ animated movie

Anime and animated projects have been pouring into Netflix for quite some time. The streaming giant is all set to welcome an Ultraman animated movie which is currently in the works. 

Having been a part of pop culture for around 55 years, Ultraman has seen the giant monster fighter battling against some of the biggest and baddest kaiju to ever be introduced.

Variety reported that the new movie, which will be directed by animator Shannon Tindle, who previously worked on Laika films such as Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings, is going to be employing computer-generated animation to bring the giant warrior to the viewers.

Tindle penned the script for the upcoming film alongside creator Marc Haimes and John Aoshima, whose portfolio includes Ducktales and Gravity Falls, will be co-directing the feature.

For this film, Netflix will be partnering with Tsuburaya Productions, the current owners of Ultraman, to develop the movie.A release date or cast has not been revealed yet but we will keep you posted!