Netflix brings the trailer of spooky animated film ‘Wendell and Wild’ coming to the platform on 28 October

Netflix recently revealed the trailer of its stop-motion animated film Wendell and Wild directed by Henry Selick. Legendary duo Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key who have penned the show, also stars as two comically abstract, bright purple creations Wendell and Wild. 

A young orphan named Kat is facing a particularly chilling pair of demons. Wendell & Wild tells the story of demonic brothers who escape from a hellish prison and into the real world with Kat’s help. Once there, they embark on a journey to enrich themselves… but they just might wind up helping Kat find peace first. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Kat’s dreamy walk through her traumatic past, as well as her first meeting with Wendell and Wild and plenty of the chaos they unleash in the world of the living. 

In the new trailer for the film, Kat (Lyric Ross) and sister Helley (Angela Bassett) are seen embarking on a green-tinged vision quest, with Kat’s shadow puppet–inspired memories invading her mind. The trailer promises an adventurous ride for the viewers.

Other cast members included in the film are Tamara Smart as Siobhan, James Hong as Father Bests, Sam Zelaya as Raul and Ving Rhames as Buffalo Belzer.

Earlier, the makers have unveiled a video clip from the movie as a part of Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022. Wendell & Wild will stream on Netflix starting 28 October and select theaters on 21 October.

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